Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Useless Interview Question

While waiting for some job to do. I was browsing again, reading different articles, and I came across of an article from TechRepublic, that talks about question that were usually ask during interview which are useless...

Here we go....and let me see, if my hiring officer will ask me these question, what would I say...hmm let's start:

Quetion #1. What’s your favorite color?..are you talking to me? or is that for me, or maybe for your grade school child...hmmm
#2: If you had my job, what would you do differently? If I have your job and interviewing someone, I would never ask them about their favorite color...
#3: What are your greatest weaknesses? bored easily, like now..
#4: What’s the most negative thing you’ve heard about our company? Just tell me, what have you heard inside your you think there is? i better not get into it..
#5: Anything beginning with, “If I speak with your present employer …”...."I know this is not going to happen", but if ever, they will only verify my employment status..
#6: Can you work under pressure? what do you mean? hmm I can do what ever related to my job but just don't treat me like a slave..
#7: What was the last book you read? just laughing here...nonsense question..why don't you care..
#8: Have you ever been arrested/how’s your health? oh I in the right place?. I think I am not...maybe the HR used to work by the dept of homeland and
#9: What was your grade point average? I can't remember, just look at my TOR.
#10: Would you like to sit in my chair one day?...I know it's not a literal a question...I think she wants to know If I like to a hiring officer or an HR like her. ..and my answer would be....I have to think of that...*wink*

#12: How would you evaluate me as an interviewer? hmm seems like you are a nice person but don't be offended if I'll tell you this:"I would never ask the same kind question that you just asked me, and don't ask me why..
#13: Can you tell me about a time you did something embarrassing? this is too much , enough is enough, but thanks for your time though ..

*sigh*..have you ever asked those questions above? If so, what do you think? what are your answers?

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