Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tiny GPS Unit

As we know that GPS or Global Positioning System can help tracking people, vehicles, goods and more. I think we are only familiar of the one that our car has. The GPS for vehicles is bigger than the one that I am going to talk about. Because, it is only a tiny GPS unit that you can even put to your footwear. This tiny GPS device is very useful for your kids especially when you are going to a crowded places like malls or amusement parks, to avoid losing them

GTX Corp, developed this miniature GPS tracking device. This GPS units can be tracked live on Google Maps. That said GPS is very tiny where you can put it with your dogs collar so if your dog would get lost you will be able to find him much easier and track him via internet or Google Map, Phone, PDA, Blackberry etc. It also serve as a hidden device to track people's performance.
Actually, this tiny gadget has a lot of uses to think about like, if you are involve in a natural disaster which we hope never happens, you will be easy to find with your tiny GPS that you wore. So for me, it's more on safety thing.

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