Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Signs that we Need a Hair Makeover

I don't always cut my hair. The last I had my hair done was on 2 months ago and probably I will have it done in couple of months.

Here are some signs or clues that we need a hair makeover.

*Your Hair has no volume- The top is flat, the sides are bulky, and it no longer frames your features.
*Your friends assure you that you have'nt changed a bit.
*Your highlisht are more noticeable than your base color--This is an indication that your highlights have become too heavy
*You're not receiving compliment on your hair anymore.
* Your hair and skin tone match--If your tress and skin tones have become too close, you could benefit from lowlights
*Your clothes have evolove but your hair has not.
*You pull your hair into a ponytail all the time.
* You spend more than 20 mintes styling your hair.
*Your stylist could cut your hair with her eyes closed.

The easiest way to keep current? Start with a versatile cut, then alter your texture and color as often as you like! For a look like the one shown here, begin with long layers and use volumizing spray on your roots.

source: marie claire's hair styles magazine

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