Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mystery Shopping Company

How companies can improve consumer relations? Okay, in order to know about the performance of your companies, you need to have a customer survey programs to gather information about your employees on how they serve the customer. And BestMark is the answer for this. They allow you not only to gather incident specific performance but also to track and identify strengths and weaknesses of your employees when you hire a mystery shopping company, which is BestMark. It helps your business to become more customer-oriented. Basically, when the mystery shopper goes into your place of business, he will ask an employee for help and test his knowledge on certain products. He will also see how courteous and attentive your employees are to customers including himself. Then he will check out with a small purchase at the cash register and will observe how he is treated by the cashier during his purchase and exiting the store. Then he will make out his report and will be sent in to your company for evaluation.

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