Sunday, May 4, 2008

Do's and Don'ts on Job Hunting

I know it is hard to find a job that you want. Even if you have a job but sometimes that is not what you want so you can decide on looking for a new one. But no matter what position you are looking for, jobs are jobs. Sometimes it is hard to adjust the environment, your new co-workers when you always shift to another job.

Following are some do's and don'ts for conducting a job search while employed which I summarized from the article that I have read about careers..

DON'T overlook opportunities within your own company.
DO be discreet, If you want to keep your job search a secret, don't talk about your job hunting. If you tell your co-workers , you can be sure that it will get back to your boss, one way or another.
DON'T search on your employer's time. Of course it is inappropriate when you are surfing the web searching for job and you're being paid for your employer.
DO get organized. Set aside blocks of time that you can devote your employment search.
DON'T use company resources. No matter how covenient it may be, don't use office stationery, stamps, fax machines or copiers.
DO be careful where you post your resume.
DON'T make up excuses when meeting with hiring managers.
DO pay attention to how you dress.
DON'T forget to network.More jobs are obtained through word of mouth than any other method, so take every opportunity to expand your circle of contacts.
DO register with staffing firm. And consider partnering with a recruiter who can work discreetly on your behalf to distribute your resume and uncover job upportunities.

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