Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unsecured Credit Lines

Looking for a fast funding for you business? Apply for a loan but make sure they have an unsecured lines of credit, especially if you don't have any collateral s that you can show to them as proof of your assets. Because there are loan company especially banks that requires an asset before you get approve when you are applying for a loan. You may try to apply at for unsecured credit line, they have an excellent service for all creditors. Other than that they have a fast service. Again, they have an unsecured credit lines, where there lenders are focus on your credit history, if it is available.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Winter Storm Again

I was on bed already, try to go to sleep and close my eyes, but I can't, I can hear the wind blows. It is like a wind when there is a typhoon in the Philippines it is very strong. I was scared earlier cause the door was opened and not knowing the wind opened it. I thought hubby is coming home that early, so I was waiting if he will call my name but I was wrong and I checked the door and was looking outside but nobody's there, there was no car. I closed the door again and make sure the wind would not bother me again. Because of the noise I can't sleep. I tried to close my eyes but I can't, that's why I am still up until this time. It's 5:30 in the morning already. I will try to go back to bed when I am done with this so I will have enough time to sleep cause I have to work tomorrow.

Earlier when we got out from work, it was bad already. It seems like the wind will pick me up on the air. It was really scary. My friend at work dropped me home ,on our way here, we can hardly see the road and the cars ahead of us, only their lights. All we saw are white stuff that flying. As of the moment the temperature outside is 9F, just imagine how cold it is.
But thanks God we're home safe.

I think I have to go now, so much for the night. But before I will go to bed. I have to say
Happy Birthday to my sister! I have a birthday entry for her, on my other blog, just click here.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prescription Eyeglasses @ Zenni Optical

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Biggest Heart Award

I am so grateful to Michelle for personally making this" biggest heart award" just to share to us, her added friends on her blogroll. I am so honored, cause I feel this is a very different award than the awards that others give me.

I am going to share this award to Idealpinkrose, Pinaymama, Our Journey as Family ,and to Stars in the Sky.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Attending College and Universities Survey

Playing Online Billiard

My Dad loves to play billiard. I remember when I was a kid I am always with his side while he is playing. I have tried to play while I am with him but I can hardly carry the stick cause it was heavy at my age.And the table was way to high for me, so I just look at him with the other players while they were playing.But since I came here, the computer is my friend. My online friends invited me to try playing online pool.At first, I don't know how to click the mouse on the right timing so the ball will go inside the hole. But, I found it very entertaining. I had fan playing especially when I win. Now, I can imagine that billiard fanatic likes to join for a billiard tournaments online cause it is fun and exciting and they have a chance to play against a wide range of skilled opponents.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 Miss America Contestant

52 contestant from 52 States competed for 2008 Miss America Pageant today Saturday. It was held in Las Vegas Nevada. Just click their names for their complete profile.

Jamie Leigh Langley
Wadley,Alabama Age:24

Cari Makanani Villareal Leyva
Anchorage, Alaska
Age: 24

Nicole Turner
Phoenix, Arizona
Age: 24

Katie Bailey
Conway, Arkansas
Age: 25

Melissa Chaty
Ukiah, California
Age: 24

Maggie Ireland
Littleton, Colorado
Age: 22

Dana Elaine Daunis
Watertown, Connecticut
Age: 22

Brittany Dempsey
Dover, Delaware
Age: 20

Shayna Rudd
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 22

Kylie Jean Williams
Jasper, Florida
Age: 24

Leah Massee
Fitzgerald, Georgia
Age: 24

Ashley Ku'ualoha LayfieldKane'oha, HawaiiAge: 21

Sadie Quigley
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Age: 19

Ashley Nicole Hatfield
Anna, Illinois
Age: 24

Nicole Elizabeth Rash
Plymouth, Indiana
Age: 23

Diana Reed
Norwalk, Iowa
Age: 23

Alyssa Anne George
Minneapolis, Kansas
Age: 22

Kaitlynne Postel
Lexington, Kentucky
Age: 21

Amanda Joseph
Pineville, Louisiana
Age: 21

Tara Allain
Waterville, Maine
Age: 22

Shana Powell
Bowie, Maryland
Age: 22

Valerie J. Amaral
Acushnet, Massachusetts
Age: 22

Kristine Haglund
Farmington Hills, Michigan,

Jennifer Ann Hudspeth
Apple Valley, Minnesota
Age: 23

Kimberly Nicole Morgan
Taylor, Mississippi
Age: 24

Lindsay J. Casmaer
Hazelwood, Missouri
Age: 24

Kristen Mantooth
Lewistown, Montana
Age: 22

Ashley Bauer
Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Age: 22

Caleche Manos
South Lake Tahoe, California
Age: 23

Rachel Barker
Amherst, New Hampshire
Age: 20

Amy Nicole Polumbo
Howell, New Jersey
Age: 23

Jenny Marlowe
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Age: 23

Elisabeth Baldanza
East Meredith, New York
Age: 24

Jessica Marie Jacobs
High Point, North Carolina
Age: 23

Ashley Anne Young
Grands Forks, North Dakota
Age: 20

Roberta J. Camp
Grove City, Ohio
Age: 23

Makenna Lee Smith
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Age: 24

Kari Virding
Portland, Oregon
Age: 24

Rachel Marie Brooks
Broomall, Pennsylvania
Age: 24

Ashley Bickford
Newport, Rhode Island
Age: 22

Crystal Alicia Garrett
Columbia, South Carolina
Age: 21

Kate Wismer
Britton, South Dakota
Age: 22

Grace Gore
Nashville, Tennessee
Age: 24

Molly Leigh Hazlett
Centerville, Texas
Age: 21

Jill Stevens
Kaysville, Utah
Age: 24

Rachel Ann Cole
Middlebury, Vermont
Age: 22

Janeisha John
St. Croix, Virgin Islands
Age: 20

Hannah Martine Kiefer

Roanoke, Virginia
Age: 21

Elyse L. Umemoto
Wapato, Washington
Age: 23

Summer Elizabeth Wyatt
Princeton, West Virginia
Age: 21

Christina Anna Thompson
Madison, Wisconsin
Age: 23

Jennifer Lee McCafferty
Laramie, Wyoming
Age: 24


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