Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pending Task

At the moment I still have a pending task that I reserved from SS last night before I went to bed. It will be expired by noon and I am not sure if I can write about it since we will be leaving shortly. I hope I can still take the opp after it expired. And oh, I just realized that today is Saturday, triple P might not give any campaigns at this early. So, I better get ready now so we can get back home on time...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Auto Body Repair

If you are looking for an experts for collision repair you can find it easily, and I know that there are many auto body shops to choose from but not all of them has the good service. Why not try auto body arlington , they are an assembly of experts in the field of restoring collision damaged vehicles to pre-accident condition. You may want to visit their website and find the expert in your area.

Reasons for Vegas Vacation

Have you been to Vegas? Me I haven't, but I wish that someday we can go and visit their to see their nice attraction. When we heard of Vegas, first thing that come up in our mind is casino. But I think that it's not all about casino it's also their busy streets.
I have few friends at work that been to Vegas and their reasons why people like to visit Vegas over and over again because of the;

*great attractions that Vegas have. Where else in the world can you visit the Eiffel Tower, take a Venetian gondola ride and see a volcanic eruption all in the same day? Las Vegas offers something for everyone.
** Discounted Airfare - people love to go their because they have discount airfare for being a frequent flyer.
*family fun-No matter where families stay in Las Vegas, the first and favorite thing to do is to hit the pool. Many hotels offer several pool areas and even indoor water parks. Various animal attractions abound and people of all ages enjoy the spectacular shows
* Win Big!...that could be playing casino-Las Vegas was created to be a gambling Mecca and remains one today.
*package deals- Many airlines currently offering Las Vegas vacation packages that include special offers such as two-for-one show tickets, reduced prices on fine dining, special rates at spas and golf courses and free admission to many attractions.

What about you, have you been to Vegas?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing is one way to advertise your business, it increases your customers because of the exposure of your business through sending emails to customers. Now an email marketing software that Gold Lasso offers which is half of what the competition charges. Even if you have a small business, this software can be used to create effective and professional looking email marketing campaigns on a small budget. For more information about this marketing software visit Gold Lasso dot com.

Are you a Traveller?

Okay, as I said on my previous entries, that summer is the best season to travel different places. If you are a frequent flyers , there are som health concerns tips for you while travelling.

*First, if you are travelling to developing countries, plan your trip several months ahead, by researching the health concerns, Get Immunizations, Review First-Aid Skills,See Your Doctors, Choose Travel Insurance, Pack Your First-Aid Kit.
*While travelling, it's important to pay close attention to what you eat, drink and even wear.
*If you get sick before travelling, sick medical assistance as soon as possible.
*When you get home, (if ever you were sick on your trip)see your doctor and make sure to tell home all the countries you visited.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Payday Loan

Out of cash? But your payday is not until next week? Hey, there's a quick solution for that, so no need to worry, because Cheap Payday Loans is available now at Payday Loans An easy three minute application requires very little personal information, and you will simply be amazed at how quickly your payday loan application will be processed on their secure server. There is no waiting and no hassles. The good news is, they don't ask your credit history. So what else are you asking for. Apply online now and get approve right away because Payday Loans is a quick solution when you need the money right away.

Last Entry for the Day

After taking 3 opportunities from triple P today for this blog this will be my last non-paid entries. I am thankful that I was able to grab more than I expected. Hopefully more opps to sad daw ingon ako self...hehe, anyway, just see you on my next post about Payday Loans Online which I do love to write about the topic. It gives me more ideas to see yah...

Build Your Own Sign

Do you know that you can built your own signs? Yes that's right, you can even customized your sign and make your own design. At, they do that for you. They also have Custom License Plates where you can customized the license plates of your car. They offer complete customization of their products through their state of the art design tools. Not only license plates but also street signs, and Parking signs. Their design tool lets you design your own sign, and even upload your own images. That's how easy it is.
I know most of us like customized signs so check them out now and start picking your sign design to customize on a reasonable price. Enjoy!

Guide to Credit Cards

Do you have credit cards? Don't worry if you have because that's normal for people who live in the U.S. There are some benefits for credit cards, like in time of emergency and you want the money right away. There are credit card company that allows you to "cash transfer" into your checking account but there is an interest on top of it.

Here are few credit guides from msn money staff;

*Make your payments by the date -- and time -- they're due. Late fees are $29 or more. A couple of late payments will trigger an interest rate increase. Because late and missed payments lower your credit score, the interest rate can go up on your other credit cards and for future loans as well.

*Limit the number of cards you have. Experts recommend having continute reading

Birth Announcements

Are your wife expecting your babies in few months of couple of weeks? Hey, don't forget to let your friends, families and relatives knows that your baby is born and joined with you by birth announcements . Plan ahead of time and when your baby is born do the announcement through At Doodlebug Dezigns, they will use your photos or digital images to create unique, custom designed for photo birth announcements. So check them out now.

Are you an Ebayers?

Me and my hubby are ebayers. I have been a member of ebay for more than a year and my hubby is around 6 years. He buy and sells stuff on ebay and me, I only buy since I don't have stuff to sell(lol). Last week I bid some clothings from China and I won all of them. I sent my payment through Paypal yesterday and hopefully I'll get it in two weeks as what the seller said.

Anyway, I have read in the news that auctions in eBay are dying because of the "fixed price" and "buy it now" price that sellers put on their sales instead of auctioning their sales which makes eBay unique.

More here at: Auctions on eBay: A Dying Breed

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Botox Chicago

Botox is getting popular lately. I heard about Botox Chicago that many have been treated lately by Dr. Eugene Mandrea for severe acne they have or whatever excess parts of their body that they don't want. Lakeview dermatology is a leading dermatology clinic in the Chicago area specializing in laser acne treatment, hair removal treatment, Restylane treatment and other skin care treatments. They have treated a lot of patients and many of them wanted to go back for other laser done. So if you are planning to have a botox done, just contact Botox Chicago.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fast Loans to Avoid

Because of the recent economic situation, people look for different ways just to have their ends meet. Many businesses offers fast loans where you can get money right away but of course you have to pay an interest for that.

According to Smartmoney dot com, below are top 5 loans to avoid, if we can.

First is the Payday Loan, we all know what payday loan is. They're small in size, The typical borrower takes on just $300 to $500.The fee is typically $15 per $100 borrowed, and there's no interest. They're meant to be paid off within two weeks, so a $45 or $60 fee to help you patch things up until the next paycheck seems like a small price to pay.

Next, is the Car Title Loan, Car title loans are very similar to payday loans. They are advertised as modest short-term loans, in which the lender takes as collateral the borrower's car. Unlike the average payday loan, though, car title loans can be as high as several thousand dollars and are often based on what your car is worth, averaging 55% of its value, according to a recent report on car title loans by the Consumer Federation of America. The median smallest loan amount was $175, according to the CFA, and the highest median: $2,500. Car title loans typically have to be paid back after one month, although the specific terms can vary; some lenders structure the loan to be repaid in several installments, over a longer period of time.

The 3rd top 5 loans to avoid if we can is the Cash Advance ,When you're in a cash crunch, your credit card can conveniently help out with some quick cash at any ATM. But these cash advances also come with a very steep price tag. First, there's the interest you'll be charged. Right now the average is 22%, according to the latest credit-card survey by Consumer Action, a consumer advocacy group. Cash advances also can carry pretty steep fees, ranging between 2% and 5% of the amount borrowed, with no cap.

Fourth is the Overdraft Loans, Anyone with a checking account these days has what most banks advertise as "courtesy overdraft protection," which allows you to draw money from an ATM or use your debit card in stores, even if your account balance is $0. That comes in exchange for a seemingly small fee of $35 on average.

The last one is the 401(k) loan, If you have a 401(k) plan at work, chances are you can borrow as much as half of your savings balance, for any reason you like. More than 83% of 401(k) plans allow such loans these days.
401(k) is a retirement benefit from your employer. I have the same benefit as 401k but ours is 403(b), it is a also a retirement benefit. It is a like our own savings which they take out from our payroll every payday and that depends how much percentage you have allowed to take from your payroll.
401(k) loan is not really as bad as other loans, because you borrow from your own savings, and pay yourself back via payroll deductions at a reasonable interest rate .

source smartmoney dot com through aol money...

Prescription Eyeglasses from Optical4less

Are you looking for quality prescription eyeglasses for a better price? is a website that sells high quality eyeglasses with descent price you are looking for.They are the the world's leading discounted prescription eyeglasses store online.They offer eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses and even contact lenses. Actually, they have a bunch of other cool glasses. They're ranges include Overstocked eyeglasses, Latest eyeglasses selections, Alloy eyeglasses, Plastic eyeglasses, rimless eyeglasses, half rimless eyeglasses and many more.

They offer Reasonable price, New optical technology and top-quality eyewear to their customers. They actually have some glasses as low as $15. Plus which each order you get free stuff, like a case, cleaning clothes, anti-scratch coating and more. And I tell you that you can not get a prescription eyeglasses to the store for the same price that they have. So, this is your big chance to buy eyeglasses from them. Now that I knew about this offer, I'm gonna tell my husband to get one because he's wearing prescription eyeglasses one but he only buy them at the store and he keeps buying like many time a month because it is broke or it doesn't work anymore. For only $15 a pair I can get more than one pair for my hubby, one for his work and one for daily use because he usually forget his glasses where he put it away at night and then by the time he needs them he can't find right away, $15 is not bad at all.

All eyeglasses from includes, free Anti-Reflective coating, UV protection coating, Anti-Scratch Hard Coating- Colorful , Stylish Eyeglasses Hard Case, Quality Cleaning Cloth, Nice and professional customer service, Free international shipping, Free lens customizing of rimless eyeglasses and Beautiful used HongKong stamps. So order your eyeglasses now and check also their new arrival plastic eyeglasses like the picture below which is good for daily use.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jobs that Pays $30 per hour

According to here are some jobs with each description that pays $30/hour. hmm sounds good wish my job pays that good.

1. Electrical Engineer-Electrical engineers develop electrical equipment, such as for a building's lighting and wiring or for cars and airplanes.
2. Financial Advisor -Personal financial advisors work with individuals to asses their financial situation and help them reach certain goals, which can be anywhere from establishing a retirement fund to deciding the best investment options.
3. Aircraft Maintainance -Directs the operation of an aircraft maintenance hangar and supervises the maintenance and repair of an aircraft fleet. Responsible for the integrity of the aircraft parts inventory.
4. Yoga Instructor - Teach yoga classes to groups and individuals.
5. Operations Research Analyst - Identify, investigate and solve business'logistics problems through the use of statistical analysis and computer programs. The type of problems can vary depending on the nature of the business, whether it's a production factory or the military.
6.Civil Engineer-Civil engineers draw up plans for roads, airports and other public goods and oversee their construction.
7.Elevator Mechanic-Assemble, install, repair or maintain electric or hydraulic freight or passenger elevators, escalators or dumbwaiters.
8. Electronics Engineer- Electronics engineers create a variety of electronics and monitor their manufacturing. They are involved in electronics of all sizes and functions, from personal and home audio equipment to broadcast systems.
9.MRI Technologist -Magnetic resonance imaging technologists explain the procedure to patients, review and evaluate computer-generated information to determine if images are satisfactory for diagnostic purposes.
10. Nursing Home Director - Oversees the administration of nursing services to patients in a long term care facility.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

International Tax Attorneys

There are citizens here in United States that works outside the country. But even if they work outside the country, they still have the responsibility to file their income tax according to the law. For some, they don't have to worry about filing their international income because they hire an international tax attorneys to help them do the work. ALLEN-BARRON, is one of the company that helps citizens to file income tax on their behalf. They are composed of experienced IRS representation attorneys and tax litigation lawyers who can represent their clients before the IRS and resolve situations where the clients have come into conflict with that agency. Besides taxes, they are also the integrated source of legal, accounting, and management consulting services where they can guide their clients if they have face complicated issues related to their businesses. When it comes to tax preparation, they are not only serving for individual but also for multi-national company. So if you need an international tax attorney to take care your income tax return next year, just contact ALLEN-BARRON.

Best Cars in 2008

Wanna know what are the ten best cars in 2008? 2008 BMW 3-series comes first that $32,400 - $43,200 , followed by 2008 Cadillac CTS worth $32,745 - $36,945 , 2008 Chevrolet Corvette- $46,100 - $71,275, 2008 Chevrolet Malibu MSRP: $19,345 - $26,795, 2008 Honda Accord MSRP: $20,360 - $28,310, 2008, Honda Fit MSRP: $13,950 - $15,270, 2008, Mazda MX-5 Miata MSRP: $20,585 - $26,760, 2008 Mazdaspeed 3MSRP: $22,340 - $24,055, 2008 Porsche Boxster and CaymanMSRP: $49,400 - $49,400, and the last one is 2008 Volkswagen GTI MSRP: $22,800 - $23,300. If you want to know more about those cars and their images just follow this link for full story.

San Diego Fair

As I mentioned to my previous posts that I like reading someone else blog, in fact I usually do my bloghop everyday. One thing that I like on hopping around is reading others blog and I learned a lot from that. Lately, I came across of a San Diego Blog. Obviously the owner of that blog must be from San Diego, Cali. I learned from the said blog that there is an on going San Diego Fair which was started from June 8 through July 4. As what I understand they are doing that every year for 22 days within that period. It is like an entertainment event that attracts visitors in all ages to go to San Diego Country Fair. The fair also called as "The Salute of Heroes" , heroes like Taz- a 4-year-old dog who helped a search and rescue team find his owner after a nearly-fatal fall in Utah and more.
Residents who live nearby San Diego, starts their summer at the San Diego Country Fair. So if you are one of those residents, check this fair to complete your summer

AP: Bloggers,Don't Copy and Paste

I was surfing around the web and encountered the headlines from FANHOUSE of aol sports that says, "Associated Press Tells Bloggers, Not to Copy and Paste their Words"

Hope the author won't accuse me of copying their words as I only quoted what he have written . But to let you read the story behind this, continue reading here..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

List it with Craygo

I love craigslist. It is the best online marketplace besides Ebay. I was a craigslist registered user or am still a user of craigslist. About end of last year, I listed an item in craigslist, but it was'nt sold and I was planning on relisting the item again but there was no way I could find the item. I even locate the item by searching the date that I listed them. I was tired of it so I stop listing in craigslist but now that I learn about Craygo I will be back in the marketplace. Craygo is a perfect tool to re list my item so I don't have to remember and write again what have listed before.

If you have an online business and doing some listing in craiglist, you can use Craygo. It can increase productivity of your sales and has more features than adsoncraigs . Craygo allows you to maximize the time you spend posting ads on craigslist and it was designed with ease use of your mind. Craygo has more features than any other craigslist posting application out there. Also Craygo has more features than Easy Ad Poster (EzAdSuite),AdBomber and AdMaster. On the other hand Crayso has the ability to create an unlimited amount of new gmail or yahoo accounts at lightning speeds. As we know that it is best to post to craigslist with as many emails as possible. It has more features than any other craigslist posting application out there that allows you to store ads for future posting and it automatically enters the data into the correct forms.

Finally, Craygo offers standard tokens such as time, day, wiki, month and many more which you
can create your own tokens and provide of items for each. Bypass the Similar Posting message on craigslist and make each ad you post look unique each time.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Factos Influencing Car Insurance Rates

If your current rates seem particularly high (or low), you might want to know why. Indeed, if your rates (or quotes) are high, altering your lifestyle or vehicle choice can have a big effect on the rates you pay.

While criteria may vary slightly from carrier to carrier, according to State Farm's Luedke, the major determining factors fall into four basic areas:

You. Your age, gender, marital status, driving record and record of prior claims play a major role in determining your risk level and therefore the premium you will pay. Traditionally, males under 25 years of age represent the highest risk, while married, middle-aged, non-smoking mothers represent the lowest.

Where you live. Living in an urban area typically triggers higher rates due to increased incidence of theft and accident claims -- both of which are statistically higher in and around cities.

Your vehicle. The type of vehicle you drive greatly affects the rates you pay. Vehicles that have a high frequency of claims (sports cars) or are expensive to repair (luxury cars, SUVs) are prone to higher premiums. However, larger vehicles tend to be safer in collisions, which sometimes offsets costs.

How you use your vehicle. It is true that the more miles you drive, the greater chance you have of being involved in a crash. High annual mileage will result in higher premiums.

Another way to reduce your premium is to increase the amount you self-insure by increasing the deductible amounts on the property damage coverage for your own vehicle. These deductible amounts on your comprehensive and collision coverages may be limited if you have the vehicle leased or financed, so check your financing contract before raising your deductibles too high.

source msn autos

GPS Tracking

Do you have GPS with you in your car? Anyway, GPS Tracking or Global Positioning System is getting popular at this time. When you going out of trip, GPS can help you locate and bring you to your destination. It also, tacks for businesses, assets, equipment, property and persons. If you are thinking of getting one for yourself LiveViewGPS can do more for you. It is tested and designed to work with one of their powerful back end web based platforms. No software is required. Their GPS tracking devices are government certified, laboratory tested and network certified.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sharon Stone's Failure

According to, the French fashion house dropped the 50-year-old actress and spokeswoman from its Chinese ads after she publicly suggested the Sichuan earthquake was retribution for China's treatment of Tibet. Despite a timely mea culpa, the highly publicized gaffe from one of the brand's most visible celebrity spokespeople continues to incite.

Personal Loans Leader

With today's economic instability and financial problems, people are looking for many ways on where to get money. Others have come up with getting a personal loan or payday loans to help meet their daily needs. Applying for personal loan is not really that hard when you apply online at Personal Loan Lenders. They will work for you whether you start a new business or want to do some home remodeling or just need some money to help you through some hard times.You can get personal loans for up to $15,000. Whether your current credit standing is good or bad, there are many options to suite your personal loan needs, bad credit personal loans or fast payday loans to help you in any situation only at .

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

'Overcoming Feelings of Sadness and Depression'

Depression is a type of mental disorder that affects persons mood. It can affect your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and overall health. Normal feelings fall along a continuum from mild to intense, and the same is true of depression. It’s normal to respond to losses in ones life with sadness and gloom.Depression can affect anybody, including teenagers.Everyone feels sad or blue now and then, but if you're sad most of the time, or if you feel down' more than you feel okay, ask yourself if being sad is giving you any problems with
your grades, school or work your ability to concentrate your relationships with your family and friends controlling your behavior in other ways alcohol or drugs.

When we are depressed we feel sad or cry a lot and it doesnt go away, feel guilty for no real reason; you feel like you're no good; you've lost your confidence and life seems meaningless or like nothing good is ever going to happen again.

But if you want to know the strategies on treating depression , sign up today, Free Webinar:Overcoming Feelings of Sadness and Depression, as the author Deborah Rozman , a pshychologist as she offers simple and effective strategies for treating low-grade depression and increasing energy and creativity to help you reconnect with the world around you and experience a brighter future.

Car Insurance Rants

Okay, How much do you pay for car insurance? For us, our montly payment is $106 or so. You may say that's cheap, yes it is. We have 2 vehicles, all are paid off (of course) they are not brand new(lol). The truck we have, we don't really count that because it is an old old truck( don't know the year, its a chevy), we only use the truck if we have problem of our SUV, but we still keep the insurance for the truck even we only use it once in every three months or so. Well, anyway, if your have a brand new car and it is not paid off yet, then your monthly insurance rates is really high compared to a used car that is paid off already. Also, car insurance rates are based on factors you can't readily change like, your sex, age, marital status and where you live, also based your credit scores, the type of vehicle you have and the coverage you buy. So don't be surprised if your insurance rates is high when you just bought your brand new car,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Better than Nothing....

Okay, its almost time for me to go to work now. I thought I would'nt get any task from triple P today but to my surprised there were 2 available campaigns for me when I got from nap around 9:30pm.Small payouts though, but better than nothing right! I am glad I was able to get done before leaving for work, and I was in hurry writing because I had to fix myself. Well, anyway, I am thankful that I made a little bit of money today. Well, time for me to go now...see you around later..

Cheap Car Hire Site

Are you ready on your trip in going to Spain, Italy or France? But wait, have think of renting a car so when you get to your destination it would be easier for you and there will be no hassle. So, don't forget to rent a car only at Argus Car Hire. They are an online rental sites on which you can save money. Let see you're going to France this month or so, a car hire in France from Argus, will bring you to many places you want to go, to see the beautiful place of France. When you visit their website, you can search for up to 450 car rental suppliers to find with the lowest price for you for thousands and thousands of locations worldwide. All their rental car prices are fully inclusive and there are no hidden charges behind it. And they can guarantee you that you can get the lowest car hire rates available. They have everything you need from Collision damage waiver, vehicle theft waiver, premium location or airport fee and book now pay on arrival , that s only at Argus Car Hire. So reserve you cheap car rental now instead of over the counter ones. Argus offers discounts which could be very beneficial for your car rentals.


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