Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Offer Tribute to Passed Away Love Ones

Memorial Day is in 2 weeks or so. It is the time to remember the memory of our love ones and friends. The time to give them tribute to show them that even they are not around anymore, they still remain in your hearts. There are many ways on giving tribute to our love ones and friends that have passed away. We can do an obituary tribute by publishing on our local newspaper. We can do that online too. At National Hall of Records, you can build a page to a friend or family member . You can also post a death notice. The Hall of Records has Free Offer Link tributes until Memorial day. Friends and relatives can go to the tribute online and post for comments. That is a the best gift you can give to them to show that you love them.

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healthnut52400 said...

What a great thing the National Hall of Records is doing. I recently built a tribute page for my best friend in high school who passed away in 2000. A tribute page really does let them "live" on forever. Thanks for the post!


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