Friday, May 30, 2008

Entry Gap

I have noticed that almost a week that I haven't updated this blog. It was because we were busy and at the same time "paid to blog" was very slow for last couple days. And mostly my PTB are from my other blogs who has pr and good real rank. But earlier this afternoon when I got from a long nap, I was able to snagged one task from triple P for this blog and the rest were posted to my other blog. Tomorrow, I am not sure if I can grab for here, but at least this blog is ready for another PTP post. Well, see if I'll be lucky to write even one tomorrow....

1 buzz me:

Liza said...

hi retch! musta na? ako rin hindi nakakadalaw hehe, busy rin.

have a great weekend! thanks nga pala for dropping by ;)


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