Friday, May 16, 2008

Tax Rebates Checks Wrong

According to the Internal Revenue Service, that about 350, 000 households are not getting the $300 per child owed them as part of their economic stimulus rebate payments. They said that it was a human error and computer glitches that were responsible of the problem. But the the taxpayers that was affected of that said glitches can still get the remainder. The IRS said that they will send letters to those who missed out on the refund and that checks for the child credit will be mailed out in July. So if someone got their stimulus check already and wondering it was not the full amount as the government was promised, don't worry about it because IRS still owe you and you will get it soon.

But for us, since ours is not a direct deposit to our bank, we haven't get the stimulus check yet. Hopefully we'll get it by June..

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shimumsy said...

try going to and you will know when you expect your check.


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