Monday, May 5, 2008

How to find a Cheaper Gas

As I mentioned in my previous entry that Gas prices are so high and it is so ridiculous. Everytime the gas prices are high, food also will rise in price because everything has to be shipped and of course it needs gas.

Well, anyway I read an article written by Liz Pulliam Weston on ways how to find cheaper gas. I know it does not apply to everybody, it just depend on where you live..

Here it is...

*Check the Internet-Mapquest and MSN Autos use data to track gas prices across the county. I tried to check the gas right now through Mapquest, and there I found the cheaper gas which is not that far from here.

*Let the prices come to you- meaning, if you got a cellphone, several companies will send you a text message with the area's lowest gas prices if you message them your ZIP code.

"If your phone supports sending a text message to an e-mail address, you can get prices on the go from, or If not, try's service by sending the word "gas" and your ZIP code to 415-676-8397. The services are free, but your cell-phone company will charge you for text messages if they're not included in your plan."

*Visit the other side of the tracks-You know that, when you live in a nicer neighboorhood, the more you'll pay for gas, but if you try to go to the other side of your town you can find a cheaper gas. Like here, we live in the South side of Holland, and gas are a bit higher than in the North side. So everytime we go to the Northside, we take our time to fill up our gas tank.

*Look for 'loss leader"---- like, discount retailers, like Wall-Marm Kmart and grocery stores that have pumps often charge less than the competition to get people on their lots, knowing they will spend more inside for grocery and that make up the difference.

*Consider a gas rebate card---okay, like what we got from Speedway, everytime we purchase on their store we got points, and there are times that there is a discount when we buy gas that if we use our Speedway cards.

*Keep cash handy--I know that most of us uses our ATM or debit card for gas.But don't you know that there are gasoline stations that will charge you when you use your debit card? But if you don't really have cash in our hand, we don't have choice.

*Use legitimate coupons- there are gas stations with carwashes may offer discount coupons,, so may want to check it out when you have you car wash done..

*Use less gas- I always told my husband to drive less so we can save gas. And instead of driving to places that we don't have to we will just stay in the house and drive only to the store or to work so that way we can save for gas.

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