Friday, May 30, 2008

Gas Saving Tips for Summer Driving

I was watching a news right now that talks about the high gas prices which is more than $4 right now. And people who are planning on going for trips are changing their travel plans, instead of driving many miles , they are ended up on staying home for summer and just spend their vacation with their kids at home or going to the nearest beaches.

Some, gas saving tips and advice from Robert Sinclair Jr of AAA.
Tip#1- Tires- Vehicle and driving style makes a bigger difference in burning gasoline. As far as maintainance is concerned tire pressure is number one. So, it is best to check the tires of your car once a week or every month make sure they are pump up according to the vehicles manufacturers maintance.
Tip #2-Spark plugs-Make sure they are clean cause spark plugs are very important.
Tip #3- Air Filter- It needs to be changed like every 7ooo to 8ooo miles so it will work better.
Tip #4 Speedometer- Slow down to save gas or lower you speed in the high way to save gas.

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