Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do You Get Mad?

Has someone asked you that question? I think that's a weird question cause I know everybody gets mad. Two nights ago, while having some conversation with my co-workers at work, one of them asked me this question, Retchel, Do you get mad?, so I said...of course I do!, Do you want me to see how am I when I get mad?...and we were laughing. They said, they can't figure out if I get mad, maybe because they haven't seen me or heard me getting mad like them. Because I am not like mostly of them that complains everything, even simple stuff, you know what I mean, seems like they don't like to other words, "lazy". Every single night they are bitching, because of this and that...because they don't like to do that stuff..they want to do on their own way not the residents way which is not right. I just don't want to get in trouble, I am trying to be friendly with them so I don't complain to our superior.

And this makes me think, Why Americans likes to complain? hmm what do you think?

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