Monday, May 19, 2008

Smartest SEO Guy

Wanna meet the smartest guy of the SEO ? Yes, his name is John Weiber. He got a website that named after him which is, that talks about Search Engine Optimization stuff. On his website or blog, you can find lots of information and tips about search engine optimization. So, bloggers like me, by reading his blog, we will have lots of information and ideas on how to make money and be successful on our online business. I know many of us wanted to know about this Search Engine Optimization. Me, myself I don't know about SEO on how can it help me. I have heard and read so many topics about Search Engine Optimization on how it can help us website owners, on how we can market our websites.

Bloggers and website owners, let us accept the fact that it is hard to earn traffic. I have been trying to submit my blogs to different directories for free, some are working some are not. That's why I am thinking of submitting my blogs to any search engines optimization so it can be easily found and searchable to the internet world. While doing so, we have our guide, through the blog of the smartest guy of the SEO. We can just follow his post and learn from his SEO knowledge.

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