Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Winter Storm Again

I was on bed already, try to go to sleep and close my eyes, but I can't, I can hear the wind blows. It is like a wind when there is a typhoon in the Philippines it is very strong. I was scared earlier cause the door was opened and not knowing the wind opened it. I thought hubby is coming home that early, so I was waiting if he will call my name but I was wrong and I checked the door and was looking outside but nobody's there, there was no car. I closed the door again and make sure the wind would not bother me again. Because of the noise I can't sleep. I tried to close my eyes but I can't, that's why I am still up until this time. It's 5:30 in the morning already. I will try to go back to bed when I am done with this so I will have enough time to sleep cause I have to work tomorrow.

Earlier when we got out from work, it was bad already. It seems like the wind will pick me up on the air. It was really scary. My friend at work dropped me home ,on our way here, we can hardly see the road and the cars ahead of us, only their lights. All we saw are white stuff that flying. As of the moment the temperature outside is 9F, just imagine how cold it is.
But thanks God we're home safe.

I think I have to go now, so much for the night. But before I will go to bed. I have to say
Happy Birthday to my sister! I have a birthday entry for her, on my other blog, just click here.


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