Sunday, January 27, 2008

Playing Online Billiard

My Dad loves to play billiard. I remember when I was a kid I am always with his side while he is playing. I have tried to play while I am with him but I can hardly carry the stick cause it was heavy at my age.And the table was way to high for me, so I just look at him with the other players while they were playing.But since I came here, the computer is my friend. My online friends invited me to try playing online pool.At first, I don't know how to click the mouse on the right timing so the ball will go inside the hole. But, I found it very entertaining. I had fan playing especially when I win. Now, I can imagine that billiard fanatic likes to join for a billiard tournaments online cause it is fun and exciting and they have a chance to play against a wide range of skilled opponents.

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