Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Getting Closer

It is 6o days more to go before my vacation to Philippines. My flight will be on March 10. And I will be flying by American Airlines from Chicago to Japan, and Japan to Manila. At this time, I keep thinking on what I'm gonna bring with me with I go there. I have 1 balikbayan box already that I filled up and is ready to be sent by this week , i think. I decided to ship some of the stuff that I bought ahead of time than bringing it with me because I know I could not carry all of them by myself, that would be hard, and that would be nice if there is a direct flight to my province but no, I have to land in Manila.
Anyway, I am looking forward on that day and can't wait to see my family again. And hopefully I will enjoy my vacation.

That's all for today, I have to do some stuff here in the house and I think we will go out for grocery shopping.

Just about anyone can enjoy some fun Mexico beach vacations. There are many adventurous family trips to take with the family like ski resorts or even Hawaii vacation packages. Its nice to be able to take a vacation in the sun or enjoy other events on a family vacation and get away from everyday life.

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