Friday, January 11, 2008

First Snow Falls in Baghdad

Friday morning in Baghdad, snow fells from the sky for the first time on their memory. Can you believe that? Do you think that's the result of Global Warming? hmm I think so, like the unusual weather change that we have right now. This time of a year it supposed to be "winter", meaning snowy right? but not all the time here in Michigan. The other day, there was a tornado warning and people said thats unusual coz it is like spring. Anyway, Baghdad is a dessert capital so it is very weird to know and heard that it was snowing over there even it does'nt last longer cause the flakes dissolve quickly .

Here is a photo courtesy from AFP photo file.

couples are playing the snow in Baghdad

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Starz in De Sky said...

yea it wasn't snowing here in russia too. instead the weather wasnt tat cold here too tis yr. noone will believe winter in russia without snow


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