Thursday, July 3, 2008

Free "Forum" Hosting

I have been a member of various forums, sometimes I have this feeling to manage an own forum also to re-unite my friends that I have known over the internet just for fun or socialization. But I have no idea how to start and how much does it cost to have the forum hosted by a hosting company. But lately, while I was browsing online, I found a Free Forum Hosting, that provides secure, reliable and fast forum hosting for hundreds of forums with no cost. I think this is the right one that I have been looking for, the ProphpBB, a free forum hosting. You might say there's nothing free nowadays and how can this be free? yes, we asked the same question, but I was reading their website that in exchange for free service, managed phpBB 3 hosting and they will display unobtrusive advertisements on your forum and this advertising may be contextual, banner, or link driven. It is a like a sponsor.

And by using their premium service you don't need to purchase a server of pay for web hosting. The features includes advanced anti-spam solutions to keep the forum safe from automated user registrations and spam . It has also different styles to choose from, that allows unique customization of the logo, images and colors and we know that it is great to be different than the rest of the forum styles we've visited.

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