Thursday, July 17, 2008

Award from Emz

Here's another award that was given by Emz of Just Another Day. Thank you so much sis.

Dahil ikaw ay isang sertipikadong blogger, itinuturing kitang matalik kong “KADAMO”Maraming salamat…
Mga Kadamo;
1.)Janeth Vicy’s Life Journey2.) My Precious Niche3.) Just Me.. Eds4.) Eds Mommy Life5.) ISL Family6.) Chez Francine7. Le bric à brac de Cherie8. La Place de Cherie9.) Me and Mine10.) Creative in Me11.) Little Peanut12.) For the LOVE of Food13.) Pea in a Pod14.Glamorous Sylph15.) Stories In Life16.) Denz Recreational17.) Denz Techtronics18.) Runaway Thoughts of Emz19.) Journey to our so called Life20.) Just Anotherday21.) Retchel's Online Buzz 22.You.

Now it's my turn to pass this to Life as a Mom, Life: Thoughts & Inspirations, The Long Journey of My Life

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