Wednesday, June 18, 2008

San Diego Fair

As I mentioned to my previous posts that I like reading someone else blog, in fact I usually do my bloghop everyday. One thing that I like on hopping around is reading others blog and I learned a lot from that. Lately, I came across of a San Diego Blog. Obviously the owner of that blog must be from San Diego, Cali. I learned from the said blog that there is an on going San Diego Fair which was started from June 8 through July 4. As what I understand they are doing that every year for 22 days within that period. It is like an entertainment event that attracts visitors in all ages to go to San Diego Country Fair. The fair also called as "The Salute of Heroes" , heroes like Taz- a 4-year-old dog who helped a search and rescue team find his owner after a nearly-fatal fall in Utah and more.
Residents who live nearby San Diego, starts their summer at the San Diego Country Fair. So if you are one of those residents, check this fair to complete your summer

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