Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Car Insurance Rants

Okay, How much do you pay for car insurance? For us, our montly payment is $106 or so. You may say that's cheap, yes it is. We have 2 vehicles, all are paid off (of course) they are not brand new(lol). The truck we have, we don't really count that because it is an old old truck( don't know the year, its a chevy), we only use the truck if we have problem of our SUV, but we still keep the insurance for the truck even we only use it once in every three months or so. Well, anyway, if your have a brand new car and it is not paid off yet, then your monthly insurance rates is really high compared to a used car that is paid off already. Also, car insurance rates are based on factors you can't readily change like, your sex, age, marital status and where you live, also based your credit scores, the type of vehicle you have and the coverage you buy. So don't be surprised if your insurance rates is high when you just bought your brand new car,

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shimumsy said...

oh that is really cheap becuase for us it's $200 for 1 car and a truck..but i know too, the state where we live is one of the highest in car insurance.


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