Friday, June 27, 2008

Reasons for Vegas Vacation

Have you been to Vegas? Me I haven't, but I wish that someday we can go and visit their to see their nice attraction. When we heard of Vegas, first thing that come up in our mind is casino. But I think that it's not all about casino it's also their busy streets.
I have few friends at work that been to Vegas and their reasons why people like to visit Vegas over and over again because of the;

*great attractions that Vegas have. Where else in the world can you visit the Eiffel Tower, take a Venetian gondola ride and see a volcanic eruption all in the same day? Las Vegas offers something for everyone.
** Discounted Airfare - people love to go their because they have discount airfare for being a frequent flyer.
*family fun-No matter where families stay in Las Vegas, the first and favorite thing to do is to hit the pool. Many hotels offer several pool areas and even indoor water parks. Various animal attractions abound and people of all ages enjoy the spectacular shows
* Win Big!...that could be playing casino-Las Vegas was created to be a gambling Mecca and remains one today.
*package deals- Many airlines currently offering Las Vegas vacation packages that include special offers such as two-for-one show tickets, reduced prices on fine dining, special rates at spas and golf courses and free admission to many attractions.

What about you, have you been to Vegas?

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