Tuesday, June 17, 2008

List it with Craygo

I love craigslist. It is the best online marketplace besides Ebay. I was a craigslist registered user or am still a user of craigslist. About end of last year, I listed an item in craigslist, but it was'nt sold and I was planning on relisting the item again but there was no way I could find the item. I even locate the item by searching the date that I listed them. I was tired of it so I stop listing in craigslist but now that I learn about Craygo I will be back in the marketplace. Craygo is a perfect tool to re list my item so I don't have to remember and write again what have listed before.

If you have an online business and doing some listing in craiglist, you can use Craygo. It can increase productivity of your sales and has more features than adsoncraigs . Craygo allows you to maximize the time you spend posting ads on craigslist and it was designed with ease use of your mind. Craygo has more features than any other craigslist posting application out there. Also Craygo has more features than Easy Ad Poster (EzAdSuite),AdBomber and AdMaster. On the other hand Crayso has the ability to create an unlimited amount of new gmail or yahoo accounts at lightning speeds. As we know that it is best to post to craigslist with as many emails as possible. It has more features than any other craigslist posting application out there that allows you to store ads for future posting and it automatically enters the data into the correct forms.

Finally, Craygo offers standard tokens such as time, day, wiki, month and many more which you
can create your own tokens and provide of items for each. Bypass the Similar Posting message on craigslist and make each ad you post look unique each time.

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