Thursday, August 21, 2008

How's Your Bills IQ?

Are you aware of your financial IQ? If you want to find out your bills IQ. All you have to do is take a short and simple quiz and you can find out how much you know about credit, debt, and your future plans. I was checking my Bills IQ the first time I heard about bills IQ, If I remember my bills IQ was 87%. The test questions were very interesting. They ask you questions about your current financial situation. In correspond with the result there are some tips on what are the Debt relief if you have hard time dealing financially. If you also need Debt help offers comprehensive Resource Centers on many different financial topics that offer articles, guidance, and additional tools to help you find, learn, and save in all areas of your life. They even provide various Debt consolidation sources as well as sources for student loan debt consolidation assistance.

Credit card debt can impact every financial aspect of your life.Regardless if you’re talking about credit cards, credit scores, or interest rates, you need to be on top of your credit. Your credit score affects your ability to qualify for loans, and credit cards have a significant effect on your credit, both positively and negatively. has the information and resources you need to learn about credit, check and improve your credit rating, and use credit cards to your advantage so that you get all of the credit solutions you need. Here you’ll find credit guides, tips on how to improve your credit, and even a credit savings center to help you find credit solutions to all of your money problems

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