Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Accessing an Account Through an Email Link

Accessing an account through and email link is one of the common mistakes that invites identity theft. No matter how official an e-mail message looks, trying to access a financial account by clicking on embedded Web links is risky. If the e-mail message is fraudulent, a cybercriminal could use the account number and password you enter to steal your identity or empty your bank account.

I have received few fraudaulent emails from hackers who are using PayPal's site trying to tell me that I need to verifty my account information. At the moment I read the email, I know something wasnt right there coz I know that PayPal would not send that kind of email. So I just ignored it and one thing I noticed in my PayPal toolbar, as soon as I tried to click the link, a PayPal red alert to stop because it was a fake site not from PayPal.

Well, anyway, according to the tips that I read on this regard, that what you can do, if an e-mail message asks you to update your password, account number, or other information, don't take the bait. Access an online account only by using your existing browser bookmark or typing in the institution's Web address. If you suspect that an e-mail is a phishing attempt, forward it to and

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