Monday, August 11, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Relief

A friend of mine that works in the production industry suffers carpal tunnel syndrome. She told me how painful it is. The last time we met was few months ago and she said she will have a surgery for her carpal tunnel. I thought that the surgery will be the end of her suffering but just few weeks ago, I talked to her online and she told me that her carpal tunnel bugging her again. So I mentioned to her about the carpal tunnel relief , the smart glove.

Anyway, whether you suffer from wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendinitis, tennis elbow, migraines, IMAK's comfortable orthopedic products will get you relief. The SmartGlove helps prevent and relieve wrist pain associated with CTS, arthritis and tendinitis by encouraging proper hand and wrist position. The IMK SmartGlove helps prevent and relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, it also increases comfort and circulation, ensures ergonomically correct wrist position, cushions and protects the underside of the wrist, including the pisiform bone and reversible to for left or right hand.

This SmartGlove also is great for pregnancy related carpal tunnel syndrome as well a great glove to use while blogging because you spend a lot of time typing and that can mainly cause carpal tunnel.

Sponsored by IMAK

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