Monday, August 4, 2008

Blogging & Taxes

It has been many days that my blogging "business" has been slow. I haven't gotten any opps from advertisers and did not update my blogs. But I am trying to come back again, one day I was thinking of quitting my blogging for the mean time and I will concentrate on my work, my social life and my personal life, because honestly since I started my blogging I have not gotten enough sleep because I am always in front of the computer waiting for some campaigns. But, I realized that blogging for me would not be forever. I am also thinking of the tax that I have to pay next year from my blogging income and I am worried that I could not save enough money to pay back the government. Yes, I agree that my blogging income helps me a lot as of the moment and I am still enjoying the money that I earn from blogging, but I knew that next year I will pay "a lot" for taxes since I have earned quite a bit from the first day I started making money out of blogging, so for now I have to chose the paid blog site that I earned less so that I don't have to pay a lot of tax.

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