Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Using Credit Wisely

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I have few credit cards that I used. I have one from stores like JCPenny, Kohls and Old Navy where I can only use them when I have something to buy on that store because I can avail a discount too if I will use my store card. I have another credit card from "Chase" that I can use anywhere for those who accepts MasterCard. I am always concern about my credit. I always make sure that I paid them back on time and not to wait until the due date. Because that's one thing the interest rate will increase and it is not good on your credit score. I only use my "chase card" when I want something to buy it but I don't have enough cash or money on my debit card. As I said, having credit is not bad as long as you can afford to pay it back and know how to use it wisely.

To get additional information about instant approval credit cards, the internet can be a useful resource. When trying to find credit card applications or even prepaid credit cards, the internet can provide you with many varying opinions.

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