Sunday, February 24, 2008

FTP publishing

About two days ago, I almost lost this current template. Because I was trying to configured on how to edit the settings about FTP publishing, because I bought a domain for this blog, but it wasn't working right because of some issues. I called the first day I bought my domain and some guy instructed me how to publish and we did it. My domain for this blog supposed to be but when I open my blogger , still on blogspot, so that's makes me more puzzle. But if you try to open my domain, you can open it but it will still show the . So I tried to to edit the FTP publishing but it wont work for the "layout", only if it is a "template" so I tried to switched it to classic templates. That was the time that I don't have this current template. So I was worried cause I like my original template because of its simplicity. But that time it was on "template" already and not "layout", but the problem was I lost all my links, good thing I copied one by one all that were on my blogroll to my notepad so I don't have to bloghop again and add those links cause it's hard to remember who are those blogs.

Anyway, I still could not figured out about FTP publishing so I can publish my domain without "blogspot" on the url. I wrote but they told me to contact blogger so that blogger can change the settings. But I don't have a chance to contact them. I have a lot to do on my personal life. I still have to update by blogs, so I said I will try to contact them when I have time.

I am wondering here...if you guys have experience this kind of "publishing" issue when you bought your domain at godaddy or anywhere else... Because last time I also bought a domain but it was on Enom and it works great for me, no problem at all from the very first time.

On the other hand...just done adding my blogroll list here again...took me half hour to add those links.

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