Saturday, February 9, 2008

Credit Card Reviews

After living for 1 year here in USA, I decided to apply for credit card, so I have something to use when unexpected financial circumstances happen. I was searching online and spent time reading their policy. I first found one, it was discovery or hsbc , "i think"...i forgot since my application was denied.The result of my application took seconds only and I think that is normal when you apply online. The reason why my application was not approved because I don't have enough credit or it does not shows up that I have credit score, and their advice was to built a credit first. But how come I built a credit, if I have not applied any credit cards before that's why I am applying in order to built a credit. I know that's weird. So , the following day, I tried Chase Card, and I was approved right away, their rates was not bad at all, that time they have a promotion with no interest until 12 months. $500 was the credit line that they gave me, four days after I got the card in the mail and activated it right away.
When we went to buy some food in the grocery store I used my card and spent about $50. My husband told me that once I get the bill in the mail, I will pay them off before the due date so my credit will look good. So I did it, I sent a payment through their online system so they can get it right away. I have been their customer for 1 year and right now I have a credit line of $2000. They increased my credit line because I don't have any lapse on my payment and I always sent a payment before the due date, and I pay more than the minimum amount they required for me to pay every month.
Anyway, having credit cards is not bad as long as you are capable on paying them off on time. Because having a credit card is important, it is safe and accessible than carrying cash or issuing a check all the time.

If you are still building your own credit, and want to apply for credit cards, try for credit card offers on different banks. And you will know on how to use credit wisely. You can do it online for fast and easy approval.

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