Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stretch Marks Cream Review reviews four different kinds of stretch marks cream, and is rated based on consumers review.. Mostly women who just had a baby or having a baby write their stories about experiending stretch marks and which product they are using. On diva's blog they are trying to review which ones works and what to avoid. Actually stretch marks occur when the skin is extended to the breaking point. This usually result of hormonal changes in pregnancy. Some womens who are pregnant are trying to prevent stretch marks. But I think it is only normal during pregnancy, because as your tummy is getting better your skin also will stretch, and thats the result of some stretch marks that you can see on your pregnancy. When you apply some cream around your belly, it might slowly disappear until you give birth. And thats how women from diva's blog did. So far, they have there was a final results from 10 different people with different degrees of success. Of the four Stretch Marks products, revitol stretch mark cream was on the first place which has a $159.95 value which is good for 6 months supply. Followed by EC Research's TriLastin for $179.85 value for 6 month supply also. The 3rd place is Hudroderm's BodyShape, this one has no amount value but there's a free trial. And the 4th place is Stretta for $199.96 for 6 month supply.

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