Saturday, March 1, 2008

Secrets that your car insurer won't tell you

Yes, its hard to get a good deal for your car insurance. And yes paying for auto insurance is like a never ending payment. When you get an insurance, your car insurance company won't tell you everything that you supposed to know to lower your premiums.
But there are some ways the industry works and tips that could help you save:

*If you have a good credit, you'll pay less- Yes I know this for sure. As far as I know, almost all insurer will pull out your credit report before they will give you the final quote for your premium. And if you have a bad credit history or your credit score is low you'll pay more. Insurers also know that if you pay your credit cards on time and without any past due all your information could create your insurance risk. So it is best to pay our bills on time or before due date.

*Your car models affects your premium- Insurers will give cars a rating. It depends on the who make the cars and what model it is. The higher the rating, the higher your premiun. In other words, when you buy a brand new car for 2007 or 2008, just expect to pay a high amount compared when you buy a 2007 used cars.

*Pay in full to avoid installment fees- If you have more savings and have enough to pay for your car, it is better to pay it in full than paying it monthly. I know this seldom happen.

*You'll Pay for your Bad Driving- Everytime you get pull-over by a cop and get a ticket for speedy driving, it raises your insurance rates as well as accidents and driving with intoxicated, and least of all driving without your seatbelt on cause if you get caught you'll pay for it.

I can't think of anymore secrets that your car insurer won't tell you. Just be smart and do what you gonna do.

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